September 01, 2006

ISO Option Waves: A New Generation Of Perms Is Here

Six-Time Consecutive Winning Texture System Delivers Damage-Free, Customized Results

LOS ANGELES (September 1, 2006) – Perm technology has come a long way, and unlike the perms of the past, today's perms today have the ability to deliver sexy, fashion-forward texture without sacrificing the health of your hair.

Of today's perms, ISO Option Waves has come the farthest. This award-winning professional perm system completely free of thio, the damaging activator found in many traditional perms, and also available in four unique formulations for different hair types and desired results.

What does this mean to you? Not only will your stylist be able to provide you with exactly the curl or wave you desire, but also maintain the healthy state of your hair.

So what else makes ISO Option Waves so special?

  • Damage-free, low ammonia formulation
  • ISOamine&trade, an exclusive technology that allows for deeper and more even penetration into the hair's cortex with minimal swelling of the cuticle. Minimal swelling means hair's internal and external structures and condition are maintained
  • Enables stylists to texture and color in the same day
  • Four unique formula for every hair type(from fine to colored to resistant hair) to provide customized results
  • Six-time consecutive winner of's Stylist Choice Award for "Favorite Permanent Wave". These prestigious salon industry awards are decided yearly by stylists nationwide
  • The best-selling perms in the thio-free perm market, and the second best-selling perms in the overall perm market. Both are significant standings, considering that there are approximately 950 perming systems in the overall perm market

ISO Option Waves are available in fine salons nationwide. For more information about ISO, or to locate an ISO salon near you, please call 1-800-ISO-HAIR or visit

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